MJC Sourcing - Client Testimonials

  • Sr Director of Marketing Communications Operations at Comcast - Mike is a valued procurement and business partner. I had the privilege of working with Mike for the several years at Comcast on programs for Marketing services. He invested the time to understand the business needs and delivered cost saving results while maintaining high performance suppliers. His collaborative approach with our business team delivered strategic programs and efficiencies.  

  • VP of Finance at Comcast - Mike was a trusted procurement partner to many groups in Comcast including Spotlight. I had the privilege of partnering with Mike on many sourcing opportunities over the years and he always provided excellent customer service and financial value to my organization.  

  • Chief Marketing Officer at Comcast - I worked with Mike off and on over the last 5 years at Comcast and observed him to be a great sourcing partner. He is a shrewd negotiator who also spends time understanding business needs and desired outcomes. He will conduct the needed research to understand market rates and holds partners accountable for delivering on their overall agreement and each scope of work. I would recommend Mike for any sourcing role in which the business leader seeks to maximize both efficiency and budget.  

  • Vice President Credit, Collections & Fraud at Comcast - Mike was a fantastic partner. He was organized and thorough, had the best tools and always helped me get a very competitive rate for the external products and services I needed. He is a driver and a smart negotiator as well as being just a great person to work with.  

  • Executive Director, Cybersecurity Engineering at Merck - I've worked with Mike for the past year as a partner on the IT sourcing strategy for Merck. During this time, Mike was very proactive in his communications with all stakeholders. He was savy about communicating our progress / accomplishments throughout the project, while also continuing to move the program forward. One thing that I especially like about Mike is that he has a direct communication style, while also treating everyone with respect. Mike is also dedicated and hard working. It's been a pleasure working with Mike.  

  • VP and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) & Head of Commercial IT at Alexion Pharmaceuticals - Mike is a highly motivated, self-starter that thinks strategically and drives value into the business.